Louisiana Congressional 3rd District Race Challenge for 2018

EzDebate is challenging each candidate to answer questions for their constituents. We will be posting the recorded answers so voters can view them.

The following questions were submitted to the candidates:

  • What is your stance on gun control and the 2nd amendment?
  • What is your stance on immigration?
  • Are our trade policies with other nations good for our country or should they be revised?
  • Why are health care costs rising and what can be done about it?
  • Other than the issues already discussed, what is the greatest threat facing our nation today and how will you address it?
  • Other than the issues already discussed, what is the most important issue facing the state of Louisiana and how will you address it?

Aaron Andrus (Libertarian)
Participation Confirmed

Aaron was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana. He graduated from Bell City High School in 1991. He attended McNeese State University where he received a B.S. in Finance in 1996. He earned a Master’s in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University – New Orleans in 2006 and is currently enrolled in the MBA program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Aaron worked in the banking and insurance industry prior to his current position as the Operations Manager for Seabulk Towing. He has been with Seabulk for twelve years. He and his wife, Jill, have been married for 23 years and have four children – Abigail (18), Zane (17), Sophie (12) and Grey (10). He serves as the Vice Chair/Treasurer for the Libertarian Party of Calcasieu Parish and is the Treasurer for the Propeller Club – Ports of SWLA. He and his family attend Moss Bluff Vineyard Church. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys reading books on theology and politics.

This is what Aaron has to say:

I decided to run for Congress because I’m tired. I’m tired of how things never change no matter who we vote in. I’m tired of the government wasting my money on things that are against my values. I’m tired of deficits. I’m tired of the expansion of the state and the erosion of civil liberties. I’m tired of big corporations getting bailouts and the average taxpayer having to pick up the tab. When I looked at the field of candidates all I saw was more – more of the same. Red or Blue, we vote them in and they sell us out. I’m not them. I’m not Red or Blue. I’m you. I’m not an empty suit, I’m just a normal blue jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. But unlike them, I’ll stand for you. I’ll fight for you. I’ll fight for smaller government. I’ll fight for civil liberties. I’m for a balanced budget. I’ll refuse corporate and special interest money. I’ll vote for you because I believe you know best how to run your life. I’ll vote for the Constitution. I’ll vote for Liberty.

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Rob Anderson (Democrat)
Participation Confirmed

Rob Anderson is the son of a 20-year career-military father. He was born at Mare Island Naval Shipyard in 1968 and spent a good portion of his childhood moving from post-to-post. In 1972, Rob’s father accepted his final duty station near Jacksonville, Florida. Rob’s father played an integral role in developing his love of country, work ethic, and dedication to purpose.

Rob has worked in a variety of fields including the print industry, as a skilled craftsman, home construction, concrete construction, and geotechnical drilling. He has held a variety of positions that have included roles in all tiers of management as well as working in the field. He knows what it is like to have to sweat and work hard to feed his family.

Rob and his wife of twenty-seven years, Clarissa have successfully raised two children—both of whom are pursuing engineering degrees. Now, Rob wants to work hard for all of our families by representing us in the United States Congress! Isn’t it time that we sent somebody to Washington that understands the needs of the working man? Isn’t it time that we sent somebody to Congress that will actually represent the people instead of special interest? Rob Anderson has pledged not to accept money from dirty, corporate, special-interests.

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