Senate Candidates Steve Carlson and Bob Anderson Debate

Steve Carlson (Democrat)
Participation Confirmed

Steve Carlson is an American political figure seeking political office in Minnesota, his home state. He is running against Amy Klobuchar in the August 14 primary election for the Democratic Party. Carlson has previously run with the Minnesota Independence party for U.S. Senate as that party’s nominee facing former Senator Al Franken, and also for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 4th Congressional district as their nominee. In 2016 he ran a write-in campaign for president while maintaining a court action all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court against allegedly unconstitutional election practices against the Minnesota Independence Party by the state. Because he began to back Donald Trump and because the Supreme Court did not take voting rights seriously, Carlson shifted back to the 4th Congressional district, this time as a Democrat. The Independence Party is no longer a major political party. Carlson has also served for nearly a decade in the university government at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. He has worked at the American Cancer Society Midwest office in Eagan and for a number of financial services companies, and as a newspaper editor primarily for the Asian American Press in St. Paul, MN.

Steve also believes in human relations as the basis for all the political issues Minnesota and the United States face. He has served in Asia as a Vietnamese linguist with the USAF; and, determined to enter politics upon his return to civilian life, because of what he had seen, a massive international conflict based on cultural and racial differences in the Cold War era that his own country was involved in. Discovering his knack for language at the Defense Language Institute in El Paso, TX, and using his language skills in real life situations led Steve to take up other languages, including Chinese, Spanish, German, and many others, even Swedish and Norwegian. Along with his political involvement, Steve loves to plunge into the authentic history and geography of Minnesota through the works of the Minnesota Historical Society.

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Bob Anderson (Republican)
Participation Confirmed

A True Outsider

Bob cares about people. It’s why he built a business dedicated to improving peoples’ lives by improving their smiles. It’s why he’s dedicated his life to improving mental health capabilities in the state of Minnesota. And it’s why he came to the Republican Party for the first time to support Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.

Washington needs a shakeup – a true outsider – to get elected and push through Donald Trump’s agenda for our country and our state. The mines are closed, our infrastructure is crumbling, the jobs are fleeing, and the lobbyists are still getting paid.

NO “Swamp” Credentials

Bob is the ONLY candidate who has not taken a dime of lobbyist money and has vowed instead to fight for hardworking, every-day Minnesotans.

He’s not a previous legislator, increasing the state budget by 9% year over year, he’s not a lifelong politician, riding the coattails of Mark Dayton, and he’s not going to compromise on the values we Minnesotans hold.

It’s time for an outsider in Minnesota. It’s time for someone who will represent the voice of the forgotten men and women in this state.

My Pledge to Minnesotans

  • Accept No Pension
  • Accept No Gold-Plated Healthcare
  • Self Impose Term Limit

A Message to You

I’ve worked in the private sector for 42 years. I have been an owner-operator of a family small business that has been around for 60 years. I have seen and experienced a lot of dramatic changes and difficult issues over the years that are now facing Minnesotans, but now I want to give back by serving all of Minnesota to help shape a better future for generations to come.

Donald J. Trump paved the way for every forgotten man and woman when he challenged the status quo of a broken system and politics as usual.

The movement he started must continue and we can start by electing outsider candidates with energy and stop relying on insiders and political consultants.

The people are tired of the political class, generic messaging and ineffective candidates – they’re simply tired of their voices being ignored by a political elite constantly running with an agenda of their own, and not for the people.

I will not waiver to special interests or the establishment.

I am a common-sense conservative and I’m running to take the disgraced Al Franken’s open seat.

I will stick to my convictions and I will fight for you –

I bite back!

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