Denver Colorado Mayoral Debate for the 2019 Election

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Marcus Giavanni
Participation Confirmed

Marcus Giavanni was the first to file for the Denver 2019 Mayoral race. In 2014, Giavanni ran as an Independent candidate for Governor of Colorado, and Mayor of Denver in 2015. He lives in Denver and is the owner of For Sale by Owner.

Marcus is the host of the Marcus Giavanni Show on Independent Radio 1100 KFNX. It highlights information about Business, Technology, Entertainment, Politics and more. His radio show streams worldwide and Marcus is a Social Media Guru.

"Denver's future mayor must be able to wear many hats; and, be very good at Smart City Technology, and most important be a true Non-partisan Independent Mayor for Denver. Denver Voters' will not be blindsided by money, corrupt nonprofit organizations who fuel only those, whose ideology’s control the city and county of Denver," states Marcus.