2019 Jacksonville Florida City Council District 8

We are holding a debate for the Jacksonville Florida City Council District 8 races in 2019. We are currently reaching out to the candidates and inviting them to answer questions for the voters. The following questions have been submitted to the candidates:

  • What can be done to reduce the crime rate?
  • What can be done to create better jobs?
  • What can be done to improve the availability of quality food?
  • Other than the issues already covered, what do you consider to be the most important issue facing Jacksonville?

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Albert Wilcox Jr. (Democrat)
Participation Confirmed

I'm running for City Council District 8 because I believe we can build a community that works for all of us by betting on the limitless potential of our children, seniors, families, workers, businesses, and neighborhoods especially those who have historically been left out of the opportunities our city has to offer.

Jacksonville's disparities in education, employment, and income are a direct result of decades of choices that too often ignored, undermined and sabotaged communities of color and lower income neighbors.

We can do better!!!

District 8 needs a Councilman with the vision for our community. We need a Councilman who can walk in each precinct and in each neighborhood in District 8 and see their promise and opportunity where others see only problems to fix. We need a Councilman who understands the beauty of our community and acknowledges our scares. To build a community that works for all of us, we need to join together to create real change.

Changing Jacksonville's course means re-imaging the role of government not just to spend money, balance budgets, or give out parking tickets, but to make a difference in people lives.

As Councilman, I'll leverage every tool in City Hall to push for stronger sustainable neighborhoods in District 8 to innovative community policing programs to unlock the hidden potential of our community.

You Trusted Me Before, You Can Trust Me Again.......

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Diallo-Sekou Seabrooks (Democrat)
Participation Confirmed
"People often ask, 'so why are you running', and I have to let them know, I'm running for one reason and one reason only...We Deserve Better....we can have Better"