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If you want to debate someone but don't know anybody to debate, you can look for someone to debate in the list below. The postings on this page are made by people who are looking to debate someone themselves, or they are arranging debates and are looking for people willing to participate. If you already have an idea for a topic for a debate and would like to find someone, you are welcome to make your posting.

Current Postings

Posted by: rockin
Category: Sanctuary Cities
Description: I would like to debate someone on the dangers of Sanctuary Cities.

Posted by: acuriousstudent
Category: Society
Description: Hi, I am mostly referring to African-Americans here. I have a particular view on the matter and I WOULD LOVE someone to challenge it because up until this point no articles or essays which I have read managed to achieve that.

Posted by: Will
Category: The Morality of the Death Penalty
Description: Hello, I am looking for someone who believes in the morality of the death penalty to debate with.

Posted by: Heines4Senate

Posted by: IrishBoy
Category: Abortion
Description: I believe that contraception should be embraced by the pro life community. I would like someone to debate me on this point.

Posted by: lisa
Category: Death Penalty
Description: I would like to find someone who does not believe the death penalty is moral for a written debate. I believe the death penalty is perfectly moral.

Posted by: firefury14620
Category: Abortion
Description: I'm looking for someone who is pro-choice and who believes abortion is moral to debate this topic with me.
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