Utah's 2nd Congressional District Challenge for 2018

EzDebate is challenging each candidate to answer questions for their constituents. We will be posting the recorded answers so voters can view them.

The following questions were submitted to the candidates:

  • What is your stance on gun control and the 2nd amendment?
  • What is your stance on immigration?
  • Are our trade policies with other nations good for our country or should they be revised?
  • Why are health care costs rising and what can be done about it?
  • Other than the issues already discussed, what is the greatest threat facing our nation today and how will you address it?
  • Other than the issues already discussed, what is the most important issue facing Utah and how will you address it?

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Randy Hopkins (Democrat)
Participation Confirmed

An executive with the Utah Department of Workforce Services, Randy's 35-year career provided associations with intelligent, dedicated business, federal and state leaders who had a passion for helping others improve their life circumstances. Randy has partnered with economic development teams in Ogden City and Weber County assessing and facilitating needs within communities. He led the operation to modernize the Utah Unemployment Insurance program, bringing it into the digital age. This system is nationally recognized as one of the most efficient and effectively managed in the U.S.

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Mary Burkett (Republican)
Participation Confirmed

Mary Burkett, a member of the Republican State Central Committee and former vice chairwoman of the Washington County Republican Party, says she is not looking for a career in politics. Her desire is to reflect the needs of her constituents. She disagrees with Chris Stewarts voting record and feels he is not looking out for his constituents.

Although Mary was born and raised outside of Utah, she now resides in St. George. Mary understands that many in the 2nd district want to remain Constitutionally based.

Burket has been an advertising executive and been active in various political causes.

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Chris Stewart (Republican)
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